Procurement support

and equipment SUPPLY

Equipment and software for radiopharmaceutical production
Everything, that is necessary for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals in the presence of a cyclotron
Even if you are just getting acquainted with nuclear medicine, our experienced specialists will help you choose equipment that is profitable in the long term.

01 - radiopharmaceuticals

Laboratory equipment
and consumables
02 - laboratory
Shielding equipment for synthesis, packaging, opening of samples of radiopharmaceuticals
Turn-key equipment for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals
Radiation monitoring equipment
Consumables for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals
Medical equipment
03 - medicine
Lung Functional Imaging Generator for the Diagnosis of Lung Diseases TechnegasPlus
System for visualization and simulation of equipment and processes of radiation therapy

The method of local heating of tissues to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

you can obtain
04 - services
Problem solving in 72 hours
Equipment qualification: installation (IQ), operation (OQ), operation (PQ)
Guarantee of uninterrupted operation of equipment for a reasonable fee
GMP Compliance
Service subscription: checking components and replacing consumable equipment
Support in choosing equipment
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