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Healthcare and Science Consulting Communications Agency
To provide personalized solutions for the development of the oncology service
Quality assurance of pharmaceutical and clinical activities
To make advanced clinical and pharmaceutical technologies more affordable
We tell you more about our activities, growth and development
Healthcare and Science Consulting Communications Agency
We have unique competencies in nuclear medicine, medical design and engineering.
HASCCA is primarily a team of enthusiasts.
HASCCA - Healthcare
and Science Consulting Communications Agency
HASCCA was founded in 2015.
We are convinced that modern clinics should be comfortable.
A proper result in this area is achievable with the correct interface of architecture, technology and, what is the most significant, well-organized communications.
We are exceptional, because our team has unique specialists, such as BIM - architects, design engineers, international GMP experts.
Our company has all the necessary licenses to work with ionizing radiation and also to design and build the appropriate facilities.


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in our team
Our clients are in the top five of the most successful developing private medical companies in Russia

We are partners and representatives of several industry leaders.

Nowadays we work in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.
In two or three years we are going to enter new markets. We believe that medical design and operation with the technology of Information Modeling is a liquid product that any modern medical project needs.
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Healthcare and Science Consulting Communications Agency