Consulting of radiopharmaceutical manufacturers for compliance with regulation and additional services
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Our team is ready to consult you on any issues related to radiopharmaceutical production
01. Development of pharmaceutical quality system documentation for radiopharmaceutical production
Development of validation master plan, policy on quality and necessary SOPs
02. Qualifications
• equipment
• clean rooms
• air conditioning systems
• water treatment systems
• systems for preparation and distribution of process gases
• suppliers
03. Validation
• purification processes
• analytical procedures

• technological process

04. Technologies / methods implementation for production of promising (new for the Russian market) radiopharmaceuticals
05. Audit of radiopharmaceutical production for compliance with RF / EAEU / EU GMP requirements
06. Preparation for obtaining licenses and certificates on RF / EAEU / EU GMP requirements
07. Organization of the pharmacovigilance system
• development / adjustment of documentation in accordance with regulations
• development of necessary SOPs for the pharmacovigilance system
• provision of the Authorized Person for Pharmacovigilance
• preparation of periodic safety update reports
• conducting audits of the pharmacovigilance system
08. Registration of medicines in the EAEU countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia) and EU countries
• registration dossier preparation

• support during registration process

09. Registration of devices as measuring instruments
10. Support during obtaining medical license
11. A comprehensive approach to organizing the production of radiopharmaceuticals at the customer's site
• providing a qualified team to organize the production of radiopharmaceuticals
• service support (including installation and commissioning, equipment qualification)
• support in obtaining licenses from regulatory authorities
• provision of consumables and spare parts in time

• technologies / methods implementation for production of promising (new for the Russian market) radiopharmaceuticals

• attracting patients due to the use of new / unique for the Russian market radiopharmaceuticals and a wider range of solutions for diagnostic and therapeutic problems

12. HR consulting
13. Design qualification of radiopharmaceutical production in compliance with RF / EAEU / EU GMP requirements
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