Radiological Center LAPINO-3
Moscow region
Preproject, stage P
11 000 м2
The main advantages of LAPINO-3:
  • Full range of modern radiological technologies for diagnosis and treatment;

  • The area of the object is 40% less than the area of competitors with comparable technological effectiveness;

  • Harmonious integration of building 3 into the matrix of the LAPINO MFA multidisciplinary complex;
  • Upgradeable and scalable without significant capital costs;

  • Comfortable for patients and functional for physicians;
The designed radiological building is a complex multifunctional volume.

Lapino-3 is designed with a variable storey of 2-3 floors. It consists of several different functional blocks interconnected with each other.
In the process of planning and technological design of Lapino-3 we applied the principle of a functional and integrational model of a modern multidisciplinary center with a full-fledged profile "oncology-radiology".

Taking into account the existing segments (polyclinic, surgery, chemotherapy) and infrastructure, the medical complex was saturated with all the missing segments. They are: remote radiation therapy (IMRT), molecular imaging (SPECT/CT, PET/CT), radionuclide therapy (radiotarget), brachytherapy. Also we provided conditions for intraoperative radiotherapy

None of the existing medical projects in the field of oncology-radiology (MIG, Hadassah, OJSC Medicine, Almazov Center, MIBS, RONC) used the principle of a functional-integrational model.
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