Center for Hybrid Receptor-Metabolic Imaging and Teranostics
Southern Administrative Okrug, Moscow
7200 м2
Modern hybrid molecular imaging technologies allow you to detect specific disorders of metabolism (glucose, choline, methionine, etc.) and receptor activity (receptors of somatostatin, estrogen, androgen, etc.) and provide early detection, determination of the phase of development and prognosis of the disease, selection of treatment as "key to the lock," programs of personalized treatment and rehabilitation, including an assessment of the prediction of effectiveness and safety.
This is only a part of the variety of modern components which the Center for Metabolic Nuclear Theranostics should contain.
In fact, it is a university clinical center of a new generation.

The building was adapted to a compact area (1700m2) of irregular shape. There are four above-ground floors and one underground. One floor has an independent entrance and engineering. It was made for preclinical research.
It took the HASKA team and the expert group 4 months to prepare a detailed task for the further implementation of the project: a medical-technical task, various financial models, justifications and the complete structure and logic of the object, pre-project.

The opportunities for modernization and growth were taken into account. It is extremely important for the universities, where introduction and replacement of technological nodes can occur without interruption of the center`s work.
In 2019, the project entered the federal targeted program of the Government of the Russian Federation and became a conceptual basis for other similar projects.
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